Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 32 & 33: Still on the roller coaster

Yesterday was an ok day- lily put on some weight, 20 grams, now weighs 2 lbs 9 oz. She is tolerating her feeds well, and they moed her to 7.5ml/hr. I went down to the city to catch up with a good friend from college, which was great to do.

Unfortunately lily seems to be developing a fever. Last night it was 99 degrees, this morning it was 100.8, too high for her doctor's comfort. They're hoping it is environmental, so they took her preemie clothes off and turned down her incubator last night. But her fever still rose, so they are going to re-assess at morning rounds. We are praying that lily does not have an infection, which would be bad.

We had planned brunch at my Godfather's house, but are heading down to the hospital instead, due to the fever. My mom's coming over to help out with Addie. Hopefully we can make it for morning rounds. And hopefully it is not an infection. Will update this post when we learn more.

Update: They hooked lily back up to the temperature probe on her incubator, so the incubator will start helping her regulate her temperature more. They're monitoring her closely, and she seems to be stat'ing pretty well at 50% oxygen. She had two Bradycardia's last night, and one this morning- but they keep reminding us that they're expected, and normal. They're going to take her temperature again at noon, to give her some time to regulate. They said it might be something called a "metabolic swing".

Update: They re-took her temperature and it dropped, down to 97.5 - a bit on the cool side, but better than hot!! They are chalking up the overnight swing to environmental, not infection, related causes - which is great!

9pm: We called the NICU and they told us that Lily's temperature rose a bit mid-afternoon, but it stabilized around 98.1 toward the evening. She's still digesting the 7.5ml/hr well, and looks very comfortable!

Prayers and well wishes are working one at a time, thank you!


  1. Praying hard for your little fighter.....Will check back this afternoon for updates...Stay strong....

  2. Come on little girl, you have come so far please keep fighting. Throwing up a few more prayers for you today.