Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 21: Three weeks, and two pounds!

Lily is now three weeks old, and she crossed the two pound mark today! She weighs two pounds, one ounce, having added five ounces to her birthweight - a gain of about 17%. 

Five ounces... the biggest five ounces I've ever encountered! 

She's still around the 30-40% range on her SiPAP, and I was able to hold her again today for about a half an hour. She's digesting the 6mL/hr of breastmilk at a good rate, and all of her plumbing is working. The doctors and nurses keep telling us how well she is doing - "my, what a difference three weeks makes", Lily's attending physician said today. Things are really looking up! The first week of life is all about survival - the second week of life is about reaching critical stability - the third is transitioning to full feeds - from here on out, it's all about Lily packing on weight and growing!

All in, it was another very good day. Slowly but surely, more normalcy is returning to life. I went golfing with a client in central jersey, had a great round (for me) and shot a 102... breaking 100 isn't that far away! It was a great day for it - not a cloud in the sky. Had a blast! It is, indeed, still possible to enjoy life a bit. 

I stopped by the NICU on the way home from NJ and stayed for about an hour and a half, came home, cleaned the pool (again), played with Addie, and am now about to crash! 

So... these posts are getting shorter... boring is GOOD!

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  1. Thank ya Lord! I'm so glad to hear this update, " short n sweet"